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Cotton Wick

Japanese 100% Pure Cotton Pad - 60mm x 50mm  - Pack Of 8

Japanese 100% Pure Cotton Pad - 60mm x 50mm - Pack Of 8

Price: 0.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

5 for 4!!Quantity:  

Due to global demand we have secured this product directly from Japan to increase our wicking options.

This is our value option. We buy this product in larger bulk so the price is lower. It is also not quite as finely produced as the KGD cotton, so it isn't as expensive to the end user.

These pads are extremely high in quality. We have invested heavily in this product and we're sure that it's going to be very popular with you vapers around the world.

This is our own product so please give it a go. We welcome any advice on what we can change and on what else we can supply.

Technical info:

Provenance - Cotton pads made and exported from Japan. Primarily used in the beauty industry, these pads have been found to be very popular for the discerning vaper too.

Size : 60mm x 50 mm (6cm x 5cm)

Pack Quantity - 8 Pack

Material : 100% pure Japanese cotton

Weight : 200g/m2 (light)

Colour - White (same as the standard organic cotton) - Some batches may be speckled and others may be totally clear. This is normal.

Production - NO harsh bleaching, NO colouring, NO Fluorescent Agent & NO Preservative

Cosmetic Function Details:

- Water-jet processing makes it no cotton lint left on skin.

- Premium cutting cotton without pressure side. Thickened cotton designed, firm & soft to the touch.

These items will dispatched in the simplest and safest methods that we can manage.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about this item.