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A4 Sized Sheet (210 x 300mm)

200 Holes Per Linear Inch - 0.028mm Wire Thickness - SS316 Grade (Marine) - 0.099mm Hole Size -  60.77% Open Area - A4 Sheet (210mm x 300mm)

200 Holes Per Linear Inch - 0.028mm Wire Thickness - SS316 Grade (Marine) - 0.099mm Hole Size - 60.77% Open Area - A4 Sheet (210mm x 300mm)

Price: 4.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Important Info

Free UK Delivery For Orders Over £20

Mesh sheets produced, cut and shipped from our factory in Warrington, UK

Sheets cut by hand and shipped in cardboard backed envelopes

Mesh specification will be written on the bottom right corner of the sheet in biro

Standard Production Time 1 - 2 Working Days

New International Shipping System - All Shipments Now Recorded - £8.50 Up To £24.99 / £4.00 Up To £99.99 / Over £100 FREE. We will email the tracking number when shipped

About Us

We have been in the mesh industry for more than 150 years. We are based as the home of mesh in the UK: Warrington, Cheshire.

We stock over 1,000 mesh specifications in our factory and we are constantly updating our range.

In recent times we have been asked to produce a range of mesh that is suitable for use by vapers everywhere. We believe that we have the most complete range of options available anywhere in world from our stocks.

We know that many suppliers have introduced low cost, but poor quality mesh into the market from elsewhere in the world. We have risen to the challenge presented by this influx with the following measures:

- Low Prices - We have made all of our prices the same for all mesh types. Some cost a lot more to produce than others, but we feel that by creating a universal price per sheet we will allow all to try our mesh.

- Huge Range - We have updated the options available and will continue to do so when we feel that we have a new specification that will add an exciting new option to our vaping customers.

- Best Quality - We will continue to offer the best mesh anywhere in the world from our stocks in Warrington. This mesh is European made and has to pass all of our stringent quality checks.

Understanding Mesh

- Holes Per Inch - The amount of holes per inch determines how heavy or fine a material is. This is because the more holes per linear inch the finer the wire needs to be to produce it. All of these mesh types have a high mesh count and are therefore very fine. Woven mesh is organised by mesh count. For example a mesh with 400 holes per linear inch is known as #400 mesh.

- Wire Thickness - The relationship between the wire thickness and the hole size determines how the mesh will feel to the touch. As a rule the thicker the wire the stronger the mesh will be, however this is not the case if the hole size is proportionately larger. For example there is a big difference in feel and look between a #400 x 0.025mm wire and a #400 x 0.03mm wire. The latter is going to be far less open and will be much tougher to the touch.

- Aperture/Hole Size - This is determined by the wire thickness and amount of holes per inch. The larger the hole size in relation to the wire thickness the softer and more opaque the mesh will be. For example a #200 x 0.028mm wire has a large hole size in relation to the wire thickness. It therefore has a large open area % and is much softer than similar mesh types.

- Open Area % - This can be used to calculate how soft the mesh will be. The higher the open area % the more you will be able to see through it. It is therefore going to be a softer material to the touch as there is less metal content in proportion to the hole size. Again using this logic #200 x 0.028mm wire is a very open and soft material as it has an open area % of over 60. The opposite can be said of #500 x 0.025mm wire as it has an open area % of 25.

This mesh has the following specifications:

- #200 mesh - 200 holes per linear inch
- 0.028mm Wire Thickness
- 0.099mm Hole Size
- 60.77% Open Area

Weave Type

Plain weave woven wire cloth is used for the majority of wire cloth woven by The Mesh Company. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa.

Warp and weft wires are normally of the same diameter.

Plain weaves are used for the majority of commercial applications and for filtration where a high flow rate is required.

Please Contact Us If You Require More Information

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