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Cotton Wick

Nakamichi Cotton Pads V2 - Pack Of 4 - 76mm x 89mm (3

Nakamichi Cotton Pads V2 - Pack Of 4 - 76mm x 89mm (3" x 3.5") - 100% Pure Cotton

Price: 3.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

5 for 4!!


Due to global demand we have secured this product directly to increase our wicking options. To want to be able to offer all cotton wicking possibilities very soon.

These sheets are a brand new addition to our online range.

We would recommend using these sheets alongide our Japanese and 100% Organic Cotton products to see which works best for you.

Technical info:

Size : Roughly 76mm x 89mm

Pack Quantity - 4 Sheets Per Pack

Material : 100% Pure Cotton

Weight :

Colour - White (same as the standard organic cotton)

Production - NO colouring, NO Fluorescent Agent & NO Preservative

This item comes in colourful packaging that keeps the pads clean and secure.

These cotton pads have not been chemically treated, bleached, or dyed. This cotton gives you a very clean taste and great wicking ability.

Very easy to use and prepare; simply cut the pad into strips and roll into your desired wick size.