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Pre-Made Coils

Pre-Made Ni80 Alpha Braide - 2 in 1 Coil by Geek Vape

Pre-Made Ni80 Alpha Braide - 2 in 1 Coil by Geek Vape

Price: 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Why Have We Added This?

We produce almost all of our products in house here at our large factory in Warrington, UK.

However, we have had so many requests from you guys for additional Clapton Coils over the years we can no longer resist adding a range to our already massive list of wire options. We believe that it makes sense for our customers to be able to satisfy all of their wire needs in one handy location.

We believe highly in offering only quality products, even when we have not produced them, so we are sure that you’ll find that these items are of an excellent standard and at an amazing price.

We will continue to grow this range of Clapton Coils to compliment our ever expanding range of Round, Flat, Ribbon and Twisted wires

What Does This Pack Contain?

26AWG + 40AWG x 2 (=) x 2 Ni80 Coil x 4 @ 0.35 ohms

26AWG + 40AWG x 3 (=) x 2 Ni80 Coil x 4 @ 0.25 ohms

Coil Tool x 1