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SS321 Wire

SS321 Grade Wire - 0.36mm (360 Micron or 27 AWG) - 25 Metre Spool

SS321 Grade Wire - 0.36mm (360 Micron or 27 AWG) - 25 Metre Spool

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Our factory use this wire in the production of mesh, so we have a unique opportunity to offer a wide range of options. Our full range is currently all tied up in the production of mesh, but we will be adding them online when we can sell them to the general public.

- 25 Metre Spool - Spooled to size at our factory in warrington. We can offer any length for these wires. Please contact us if you require something longer/heavier than we have available here.

- Supplied on our standard plastic German white spool. This wire is fine enough to go on the smaller plastic bobbin too. Please email us if you would like it to be supplied on the smaller bobbin.

SS321 Wire

This wire is in our stocks for use for weaving mesh.

SS321 is the basic austenitic SS304 grade but is stabilised by Titanium.

SS321 grade is commonly used for: aircraft exhaust manifolds, expansion joints, bellows, furnace parts, heating element tubing and heat exchangers.

C - Max - 0.08
Mn - 2.00
Si - 0.75
P - 0.045
S - 0.030
Cr - Min - 17.0 Max - 19.0
Mo -
Ni - Min - 9.0 Max - 12.0
N - 0.10
Other - 0.70

Electrical resistivity ( µOhmcm ) 720
Density (kg/m3) - 8027
Elastic Modulus (GPa) - 193
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (?m/m/°C) - 0-100°C - 16.6 0-315°C - 17.2 0-538°C - 18.6
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) - at 100°C - 16.1 at 500°C - 22.2
Specific Heat 0-100°C (J/kg.K) - 500
Electrical Resistivity (n?.m) - 720

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AWG Explained

AWG stands for American Wire Gauge. We don't use this as a measurement in the UK, but we have to for vaping products because many of the references start out from America.

Here is a list of the actual AWG with their comparative mm equivalents.

38 AWG - 0.1MM//37 AWG - 0.11MM//36 AWG - 0.13MM
35 AWG - 0.14MM//34 AWG - 0.16MM//33 AWG - 0.18MM
32 AWG - 0.2MM//31 AWG - 0.23MM//30 AWG - 0.26MM
29 AWG -0.29MM//28 AWG - 0.32MM//27 AWG - 0.36MM
26 AWG - 0.41MM//25 AWG - 0.46MM//24 AWG - 0.51MM
23 AWG - 0.57MM//22 AWG - 0.64MM//21 AWG - 0.72MM
20 AWG - 0.81MM//19 AWG - 0.91MM//18 AWG - 1.02MM
17 AWG - 1.15MM//16 AWG - 1.29MM//15 AWG - 1.45MM

American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a U.S. standard set of non-ferrous wire conductor sizes. The "gauge" means the diameter. It is most frequently applied to copper household electrical wiring and telephone wiring.

Millimetre (mm) is a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter and equivalent to 0.03937 inch.

In other words mm is a far more precise measurement. All sizes that are between AWG measurements will be rounded to their nearest AWG equivalent. For example 0.3mm is between 29 AWG and 28 AWG. We have rounded it to the nearest AWG measurement. We have put +- to indicate this.

We are always very happy to help. Please email us if you require any more information on any of our products.!!